Story Enjoy, a new way of creating joyfull moments for the entire family.

With Story Enjoy, families from all over the world can choose a digital album and film themselves while telling the story. Later, the magic happens ! On a tablet, the child leafs through the album pages, with the video of the narrator in the corner of the screen.
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Telling stories on video

Because intense looks, impressions, smiles make each story more fascinating !

Stories to watch over and over again, an infinite number of times, and beyond !

Who's going to enjoy these lovely moments ?

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Lily.
Lily loves stories. Especially if people she loves tell them to her ! Yet, Lily's family isn't always gathered. That's why Super Mommy found the solution. Now Lily can watch her nanna, her daddy, her cousin, telling her stories, even when they're far or not available !

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We choose our stories carefully. We want your little ones to become happy adults

Discover our stories !

« I have just shown the stories to Lily. She loved them and has already watched them 3 times each !»


« I have just recorded my first story and I really enjoyed myself ! It's a beautiful concept and I will definitely tell my family to do the same »


« The idea is trully remarkable. We can keep our grandparents' role, even from the other side of the world »

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We'll share good moments, beautiful ideas and all that makes us thrilled ! Once a month, that's all, we promise :-)